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The BAG Toolkit is used to model with the BAG. The BAG Toolkit 2.2 version is developed to process the BAG 2.0 (for the BAG 1 you can still use the BAG Toolkit 1.1).

The BAG is a rich dataset which can be used in many applications, but its exchange format (xml) is not very convenient for calculations and selections.

With the BAG Toolkit you can make the data available in a suitable format for modelling, calculate snapshots, derive entities/attributes and use the BAG addresses for geocoding.

extra attributes are:

The snapshot process also generates an address table, with RD-coordinates.


The BAG Toolkit consists of three tools:

  1. BAG20_Xml2FSS -> To make the BAG available in a format suitable for modelling.
  2. BAG20_MakeSnapshot -> To make a snapshot of the BAG at a specific date and optional for a geographic extent/state selection and calculate (optional) derived entities and attributes.
  3. GeoCode -> To geocode addresses with meta information on how the results are derived. This tool we developed with the Spinlab department of the VU.


  • GeoDMS version 7.326 or later
  • Internal ram: 16 GB or more (as the BAG is a very large dataset)
  • Hard disk space: 40 GB or more
  • Access rights to your LocalDataDir (C:\LocalData) and SourceDataDir (default C:\SourceData). If not adjust these placeholders with the GeoDMS GUI > Tools > Options.
  • For height information in snapshot, download the PHN and unzip it in your %SourceDataDir%/PHN folder, see also Folders and Placeholders


The BAG Toolkit is available under GNU-GPL version 3 license


The BAG Toolkit scrips can be downloaded here. Extract the files from the .zip file in your self made project folder (e.g D:\prj\BAG_toolkit)

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