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small configuration blocks

This section presents small configuration blocks to perform specific tasks, e.g. reading data from an ascii file or making a crosstab.


Domain unit/table Aggregation Crosstab
Transpose Unique Values Convert long to wide format


Relational attribute Relation model/SQL


WMS background layer Dissolve (merge geometries) Spatial Overlap
Simplify geometry Cut out polygon from other polygon Polygon to grid
Distances in LatLong coordinate system


Potential with kernel Point 2 Grid Grid 2 Point
Explicit Tiling Rotate/Scale/Shear a grid Grid to polygon

Data sources

TableChopper (read ascii file) TableComposer (write ascii file)


Dijkstra examples


Special characters Discrete Allocation

full configuration examples

This section contains small downloadable projects, often combining multiple operators and functions.

The projects contains both configuration and data, they are ready to run with the GeoDMS. Coordinate systems, corresponding grids, predefined metric units etc. are already configured.

The projects can be edited, so they can also be a starting point for your own project.

Grid processing Polygon processing Vector to Grid processing
Buffer processing Network processing BAG relate attributes and make grids