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The GeoDMS calculates with memory arrays. To:

(external) sources, StorageManagers are used.


Since version 6.045 The GeoDMS includes the GDAL library as a StorageManager collection to read multiple (spatial) data formats. To write data to and for some specific read functions, a set of GeoDMS specific StorageManagers can be used.

It is advised to configure source data items in one source data container, these data items can be referred to from any other location in the configuration.

Data can also be explicitly exported with the GeoDMS GUI to Ascii Grid, Bitmap/Tiff of Ascii Table or Shape File format with the File > Export Primary Data menu options.


Since version 5.49 The GeoDMS uses a CalcCache to store intermediate results for performance issues and to calculate with large datasets.

vector, grid and non spatial data

For spatial data a distinction is made in:

In GDAL this same distinction is used, gdal.vect is used for vector data, gdal.grid for grid data.

Non spatial data can be also partly be read with the gdal.vect StorageManager, but also by some other StorageManagers.