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2021: 7.300 Series

In 2021, we started with the 7.300 series to indicate that the GeoDMS code is now being compiled with Visual Studio 2019 (the 7.2xx series were built with VS2017) to comply to the most recently implemented C++20 language rules.

2021-07-20: GeoDms Version 7.313 for x64

Code Signed installation with


- issue 59: writing available projection info to a .PRJ file when writing a .SHP file

- issues 198 and 217: take the current Clipboard contents and scroll in TableView to the specified row-number (Ctrl-G) or search-key (Ctrl-F) and in MapView to the specified coordinate.


- issue 219: use GridLayer with basegrid for raster subset domains.

2021-06-10: GeoDms Version 7.312 for x64

Implemented connect_info and dist_info functions that divide the tiles of points over different worker threads and that can take a maximum square distance per point to avoid connecting remote locations.

Fixed issue 213 that gave error to the result of a unique(float32(round(some attribute with values with a metric))).

2021-05-13: GeoDms Version 7.311 for x64

Implemented join_equal_values functions , see

Fixed Help url issue

2021-05-06: GeoDms Version 7.310 for x64

Fixed: issue

2021-02-24: GeoDms Version 7.308 for x64

Fixed issue 141: MT issues with Stored Properties, such as DialogData, StorageReadOnly, SqlString.

Now all Stored Properties are read from the main thread and kept private as task related context.

2021-02-23: GeoDms Version 7.307 for x64


  • argmin, argmax, min_elem, max_elem are now implemented with internal operators (and no longer depend on RewriteExpr.lsp)

New operators:

  • argmin_uint8, agmax_uint8, argmin_uint16, argmax_uint16

Fixed issues:

  • argmin, argmax with 1 argument now results in the correct domain

2021-02-01: GeoDms Version 7.306 for x64

Fixed issues:

  • issue 174: connect_info with a uint8 domain for the arc/polygon set to connect to now works.

2021-02-01: GeoDms Version 7.305 for x64

New operations:

  • subset operations that avoid the creation of nr_OrgEntity:
    • select_unit(condition),
    • select_data(select_unit(condition: D->bool) orgData: D->V) which runs through condition and picks-up the orgData elements that correspond with condition elements that are true without the use of an intermediate org_rel (formerly known as nr_OrgEntity).
  • subset operations that result in org_rel as a replacement of nr_OrgEntity: select_orgrel(condition)
  • subset operations that optimize for expected limitation of the cardinality and ordinals of the result set:
    • select_unit_uint8(condition), select_unit_uint16(condition), select_unit_uint32(condition)
    • select_orgrel_uint8(condition), select_orgrel_uint16(condition), select_orgrel_uint32(condition)
  • (partitioned) summation operations with specified value types:
    • sum_(|u)int(8|16|32|64)(values: D->V[, partition: D->P]),
    • sum_float64(...),
    • sum_(i|u|d)point(...),
  • partitioned counting operations that optimize for expected limitation of the cardinality and ordinals of the results:
    • pcount_uint(8|16|32)(partition: D->P): P->uint(8|16|32),

Fixed issues:

  • issue 182: a domain with a single tile that didn't cover the defined range resulted in inconsistent data size handling. Now, if NrTiles = 1 and tile[0] strictly smaller than range then GetCount() = #range, but GetTileCount(0) is #tile, and data is only calculated and used for the non-covering tile.
  • issue 183: using unknown_item

2021-01-25: GeoDms Version 7.304 for x64


  • build environment: MSVC 2019 (was: MSVC 2019)
  • compiler: C++ 14.2 (was 14.1)
  • platformtoolset: v142
  • LanguageStandard: stdcpplast
  • boost: 1.75.0 (was: 1.69.0)

Code clean-up:

  • the use of boost::mpl and type_traits have been replaced by equivalent elements of namespace std
  • fixes related to the more strict C++20 language rules.

Feature request:

  • issue 172: GUI MapView controls: Panning and feature-info have become the default mouse actions; the related Buttons in the toolbar have been removed.

Fixed issues:

  • issue 176: Synchronisation of data read from .fss with reading domain cardinality from the same .fss
  • issue 181: not operator (issue introduced in 7.300 as a result of new aggregation operations

Versions of 2020

2020-12-03: GeoDms Version 7.238 for x64

2020-10-23: GeoDms Version 7.234 for x64

2020-10-05: GeoDms Version 7.229 for x64

Fixes issues related to processing many red items and ExplainValue tooling: 1429, 1433 GUI issues: 1326, 1429

MapView Toolbar: now default mouse functions:

  • LeftButtonClick -> SetFocus in active layer and all raster layers, information on focus item is presented in legend
  • Drag -> Map Panning,
  • LeftButtonDoubleClick -> ExplainValue of focus element in active layer, see Detailpage
  • InfoTool is now removed.
  • ZoomIn, ZoomOut and most selection Tools replace the Drag function, but leave LeftButtonClick and LeftButtonDoubleClick unchanged. The SelectObject Tool does disable the SetFocus function when active.

TableView Toolbar:

  • InfoTool now works as a command to ExplainValue on the Focus element.

Fixed issues for Vesta.

2020-09-04: GeoDms Version 7.222 for x64

Fixes issues 1414, 1415, 1416, 1417, 1419, Fixed issues for Vesta.

2020-08-04: GeoDms Version 7.220 for x64

Fixes issues 1411, 1413

Fixes issues with cancel working thread, GetLabelAttr values and Value Info Detail Page.

Warning: we're working on a found issue in the Vesta Regression test causing an Access Violation. Do not use 7.220 for Vesta for now.

2020-04-08: GeoDms Version 7.215 for x64

Contains various fixes of GeoDMS 7.213: Fixes issues 1380, 1382, 1325, 1360 Fixes Progress Messaging

2020-03-16: GeoDms Version 7.213 for x64

Contains various fixes of GeoDMS 7.212.

2020-03-11: GeoDms Version 7.212 for x64

New features:

  • Gui: F2 helps to trace the source of errors
  • dijkstra_m for Network travel time matricices: a logit based decay function can now be specified for intermediate aggregation

Regression tests

  • includes Vesta and different Multi Threading setttings.

Dataset size:

  • better support for datasets with more than 2^32 rows, more specifically, rowset size issues were solved for merge, raster_merge, dijkstra_m, and aggregations with more than 2^32 partitions.


  • better detection and reporting when values or row-counts unexpectedly exceed 2^32.

Fixes many MT2 and dijkstra issues ...

  • Fixed GeoDmsGui crashes, see: issues 1347, 1348,
  • Fixed Delphi error in GeoDmsGui crashes, see: issues 1347 348
  • Fixed "Failed to generate' en 'access violation' error, see: issue 1373
  • Dijkstra issues: various changes and fixes have been made in the GeoDMS to accommodate OD pair sets with more than 2^32 rows,

see: issue 1362

The boost::polygon library is now included in our subversion repository and some initiary investigations and updates were made as preparation of work as discussed at issue 1208.

2020-01-08: GeoDms Version 7.207 for x64

Added operators: subset_uint8, subset_uint16, subset_uint32

Fixes minor issues 1319, 1329.

Archive 2016..2019

Some documented versions of earlier years can be found on the page with Older GeoDMS versions