Origin Destination matrix (trip table)

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An origin/destination matrix (trip table) relates origins to destinations. The relation is the travel impedance, usually based on network calculations.

matrix versus table

matrix(left) versus table(right) with as impedance travel time in minutes

  • In the matrix the number of rows and colums are the same.  
  • In the table each row describes the impedance between one origin and one destination. This format can also be used if not all impedances are relevant, e.g. if the cut off is used to only calculate distances within 1 kilometer or 15 minutes.

With the GeoDMS matrices can be transformed to tables and vice versa, see the configuration example: Convert OD long to wide format. In this example long is a synonym for table and wide for matrix.


We calculated s PC4 travel time matrix for Nederland van Boven(page in Dutch). This matrix contains the travel time from each postal zone (PC4) to each other zone in The Netherlands. The matrix is e.g.used for this analysis on nu.nl