Use mutiple CalcCaches within a project

CalcCache Managing Files


As CalcCaches should only be deleted as a whole, a way of managing is also to use multiple smaller CalcCaches for different alternatives/scenarios within a project.

By default the CalcCache folder name is derived from the project’s folder name. It can be overruled by the environment variable GEODMS_DIRECTORIES_CALCCACHEDIR (starting from GeoDMS version 7.029). This offers two ways of working with multiple CalcCaches:

  1. Copying/renaming the project folder;
  2. Running the GeoDmsGui.exe or GeoDmsRun.exe from a batch file in which you control the location of the CalcCache folder, see example.

The following two commands can be used to run GeoDMS version 7.031, installed on it’s default location with as project: MicroTst.dms and with as CalcCacheDir: C:\Localdata\MyNewCalcCache. The easiest way to execute these commands is by creating a batch file with these commands and run the batch file.


"C:\Program Files (x86)\ObjectVision\GeoDms7031\GeoDmsGui.exe"  "C:\GeoDms\tst\Operator\cfg\MicroTst.dms"

The result will be an activated GeoDMS GUI. Intermediate (results) will be stored in a subfolder of the CalcCache folder: C:\Localdata\MyNewCalcCache. This also applies when a new project is opened with this GUI (File > Open Configuration File). The CalcCacheDir for this new project will then still be C:\Localdata\MyNewCalcCache, as long the GUI is running within this context .