The GeoDMS is used to calculate information products.

To make these products available for a larger audience, we use Webmapping products, mainly in the social-domain.



We do not develop Webmapping products ourselves, but work together with Baasgeo.com, developer of the MapGallery.

MapGallery is a powerful and intuitive WebGIS solution, supporting monitoring and projections by using animations.  

We believe open Webmapping applications are useful tools in many policy areas, as sharing information is a key success factor in effective cooperation.


1)     On demo.wzwkaart.nl you can find examples of information products made with the GeoDMS and presented with MapGallery

2)     The WoonZorgwijzer uses MapGallery as viewer. The WoonZorgwijzer portal presents also plus applications of the WoonZorgwijzer with additional layers on demography/real estate/service distribution and care consumption.



We also support Mapifaction, GeoDMS scripts are to generate the information products in their viewers.