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- [[Energy Transition]]
- [[Energy Transition]]

- [[Social Domain]]

Other topics:
Other topics:

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Welcome to our Wiki, which has two purposes:

1) Documentation on the GeoDMS

GeoDMS w400.png

The Geo Data and Model Software (GeoDMS) is our modelling framework to calculate with and visualize large (geographic) datasets.

The software can be used stand alone or in combination with other (GIS) tools like QGIS or ArcGIS.

The software is open source(licence) and can be downloaded from the GeoDms Setups section.

The Geo Data and Model Software (GeoDMS) is used in models like:

2) An interactive discussion on spatial modelling concepts

Accessibility w400.png

The following modelling topics are discussed:

- Land Use

- Accessibility

- Energy Transition

- Social Domain

Other topics:

- Fisher's Natural Breaks Classification

- Parallel Processing and GPU Acceleration

For both sections we welcome your input.