== introduction == The EUClueScanner, based on the Land Use Scanner and the Clue model, is a framework for Land Use Modelling at a European scale.

It is available as part of the Land-Use-based Integrated Sustainability Assessment Modelling (LUISA), formerly known as Land Use Modeling Plantform (LUMP).


  • European scale: 100 meter grid level (approximately 2.700.000.000 cells) or 1000 meter grid level (approximately 24.000.000 cells)
  • Land Use Types for urban, nature, argicultural and water
  • Claims at nuts2 or aggregated levels, resulting from other models (Leitap, Image).
  • LandUse, Environmental and Socio Economic indicators


The discrete allocation method is used to generate an allocation with maximum total suitability within the constraints of the regional land use claims.

The method is applied in small time steps of one year, taking into account both static and dynamic factors in order to model (long term) investments and natural succession processes.


The EUClueScanner has been developed  in two projects, commissioned by: