Object Vision BV provides you with a non-exclusive license to use, copy, and modify the GeoDMS software under gnu-gpl-version-2-license-conditions. These conditions imply that you and third parties are allowed to use, copy, and modify the system provided that:

  1. you leave copyright notices unchanged;
  2. that derived work, when distributed to other parties, will also be made available under GNU-GPL conditions and will be distributed with source code of the derived work.

When you make derived work available to other parties, we kindly request you to provide us with a copy of that work, or keep us informed.


Object Vision can take no responsibility for the correctness of input data, calculation rules and results, neither for loss of data as a result of using this software, unless otherwise agreed upon.

You remain responsible for checking input data, model specifications and results. Also, you remain responsible for appropriate measures to prevent loss of data (such as making backups regularly).

In case of doubt about the usability of the software or any result of a (demo) project, please contact Object Vision.