Tools and Downloads

data & tools

We offer data data products and tools, freely available under GNU-GPL version 3 license conditions, based on GeoDMS calculations:


Download the BAG for the whole of the Netherlands and open, view and analyse it with QGis….. Use GeoParaat !

For GeoParaat we work together with Baasgeo. Download free a GeoPackage file or make your own GeoPackage with the open source scripts.

De GeoPackages can easily be used in QGis of ArcGIS and can be imported in PostgreSQL_PostGIS.

Since April 2021, the GeoPackage will contain the BAG 2.0.

OD PC4 tot PC 4 matrix

For the VPRO multimedia project Nederland van Boven, we calculated and made available a PC4 travel time matrix. In 2019 this data was updated. The results can be downloaded here.

BAG Toolkit

With our BAG Toolkit you can process the BAG 2, make snapshots with extra attributes or geocode your addresses.

BRK Toolkit

With our BRK_Extract you can process the BRK


Within the MONDAINE project we have edited the Vesta model to used within the MONDAINE suite. This means that it can be used for several use cases and has output that can be converted into the ESDL-language and then be used in other energy transition models. How that works is described on the MONDAINE page.

learning the GeoDMS

There are different ways we assist you in starting to work and learning more about the GeoDMS:

  • In the section how-to-model, you can find relevant information on how to make a model with the GeoDMS.
  • In the section configuration-examples, you can find:
    1. small configuration blocks for specific tasks
    2. full projects on specific themes.You can download zip files with configuration files and data. The configuration can be opened with the GeoDMS and the results of all calculations can be requested.
  • The GeoDMS Academy contains an academy with modules. The academy is suitable for self-study, but we can also assist you.