project goal

To enable Vesta to be used in the Mondaine Suite. Part of the larger MONDAINE project, wherein we use ESDL as the language to make different energy models talk to each other.

The required interfaces/ coupling, required for the MONDAINE use cases are:

  • Read Vesta input from ESDL, more specifically: Heat Sources, New Buildings, and Area Measures.
  • Translate Vesta Leidraad output into ESDL, using a python module.

working with Vesta in the MONDAINE Suite

Within the MONDAINE project we have edited the Vesta model to used within the MONDAINE suite. This means that it can be used for several use cases and has output that can be converted into the ESDL-language and then be used in other energy transition models.

How that works is described on the following pages: