Using MONDAINE Vesta

When you have downloaded in installed GeoDMS and downloaded and prepared the Vesta configuration and sourcedata you can begin.

If you do not know how something works, you can read the GeoDMS tutorials in the GeoDMS Academy.

opening a single strategy

thumb|300x300px|GeoDMS GUI landing screen You can open a single strategy, for example, s2d_D_Restwarmte. By opening the run file in the GeoDMS GUI from ProjDir\VestaDV\Runs\s2d_D_Restwarmte.dms

You will then see the GeoDMS GUI as displayed here on the right.

If you navigate to SharedInvoer, you’ll see a set of parameter settings which are the input variables for the model and which you can change. Right click on SharedInvoer and choose Edit Config Source. You will now be redirected to a text editor in which you can these parameters. If not, visit Module 0: Install GeoDMS GUI and setup a configuration and see the section about setting up a configuration file editor. thumb|300x300px|SharedInvoer.dms in a configuration file editor

You should see the text editor as in the figure on the right. Here you can should the study area (StudieGebied_config) and choose whether there is flip file used, and which Scenario for that study area will be used. If you change anything, save the file and reopen the project in the GeoDMS by pressing Alt + R, or choosing Yes when returning to the GeoDMS.

To view and calculate results for the strategy you are in, navigate to LeidraadResultaten/Exports/ESDL.

Here you can find several items which when opened will generate the results for that strategy and save the output files.

For example, Generate_PerPlanRegio_All_metRES will export all indicators for the study area and also the entire RES area for all years (start year, 2030, 2040, 2050).

To view the results for, say 2050 and only the study area, navigate to /LeidraadResultaten/Exports/ESDL/PerRekenstap/Res2050/PerStudyArea/Regio_selectie.

calculating all strategies for a scenario-study area combination

First close the GeoDMS GUI completely. Then in windows explorer navigate to C:\GeoDMS\ProjDir\VestaDV\Runs\path and open the file called set.bat with a text editor. Here change the directories to the paths which your computers uses.

Then, for example for the use case Havenstad, open the file located in C:\GeoDMS\ProjDir\VestaDV\Runs called batch_leidraad_ESDL - Amsterdam.bat by double-clicking it.

This should open a windows prompt window and start calculating. This could take a while depending on the computing power of you machine.