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The BRK extract is used to convert the downloaded .gml files from PDOK to for [[GeoDMS]] useable .fss files.


The BRK extract consists of simply one tool:

  • Gml2FSS -> To make the BRK available in a format suitable for modelling.


  • [[GeoDMS]] version 7.130 or later, see [[Setup]]
  • Internal ram: 16 Gb or more (as the BRK is a very large dataset)
  • Hard disk space: 70 Gbyte or more
  • Access rights to your LocalDataDir (C:\LocalData) and SourceDataDir (default C:\SourceData). If not, adjust these [[placeholders]] within the geodms-gui > Tools > Options.

how to use this script

  1. Download the BRK file from PDOK
  2. Extract the .gml files from the .zip file to a local folder, with the naming convention: %SourceDataDir%/BRK/date:
    • The %SourceDataDir% is a [[placeholder]] for the SourceData folder on your local disk. By default, the path: C:/SourceData is used. You can choose another path for your SourceData, but then you have to configure this new path in the GeoDMSGUI > Tools > Options > SourceDataDir control.
    • Use for the date [[placeholder]] the date of your download with as format: yyyymmdd.
  3. Open the Gml2FSS.dms file from the script (in the cfg subfolder of your chosen project folder) in a text editor, configure the date of your download (see 2) in line 68 for the parameter date (yyyymmdd) and save your file. Now open Gml2FSS.dms using GeoDMS and navigate to /Brondata/BRK/import/perceel_fss/src/AKRKADASTRALEGEMEENTECODE and double-click on it (this might take a while to calculate!). This isnecessary to generate the perceel.gfs file, this file contains the geometry of the dataset.
  4. Open the newly-generated perceel.gfs file in a text editor. You’ll find this file in %SourceDataDir%/BRK/date and edit the following lines.

at the top:

<GeometryType> 1 </GeometryType>


<!-- <GeometryType> 1 </GeometryType> -->

and change nearly at the bottom:



  1. Make sure that in the %SourceDataDir%/CBS/2018/ the file gem_2018.shp is present. This file contains the municipal borders and a .dbf file with a field called GM_CODE. This file can be downloaded here.
  2. Now open Gml2FSS.dms using GeoDMS again and double click on MaakPerceelFSSBestand. This will generate the perceel data in a fss-storage, including CBS municipal codes. Located in: SourceDataDir/BRK/date/perceel_new.fss. This process will take quite some time.
  3. You can view the results Using the read_target item. If all went correct, rename perceel_new.fss into perceel.fss.


The BRK extract is available under GNU-GPL version 3 license


The BRK extract scripts can be downloaded here. Extract the files from the zip file in your GeoDMS project folder.