!!! Since the GeoDMS 8 series, the CalcCache is no longer in use. The current computers with more RAM memory and the improvements in the 8 series make the CalcCache less needed. Still we are studying alternatives for the CalcCache at the moment, to make interim model results more persistent and improve the performance.

The documentation on this CalcCache is still available, for GeoDMS 7 series users.

The GeoDMS uses a CalcCache to store calculation results on disk. The CalcCache consists of a set of calculated (interim) results, stored as files in the %CalcCache% folder.

The default value of the %CalcCache% folder is %LocalDataDir%/%ProjDir%/CalcCachex%env%.v%version% (see Folders and Placeholders).

The CalcCache should be considered as an extension of the internal memory, therefore configuring a network drive for the CalcCache is discouraged. It will slow down the application and burdens the network.

The CalcCache folder and it’s subfolders are automatically created by the GeoDMS when the results need to be stored.