CalcCache Folder and Filenames

CalcCache Folder and Filenames


Each version, configuration and environment (32 or 64 bits) uses it’s own CalcCache.

CalcCache results are stored in a folder structure, based on the hierarchy of a configuration. Containers in the configuration become subfolders, cached calculations results become files, with names derived from their related tree item names. The following picture shows the root folder of the 64 bits CalcCache of a Vesta configuration.

[](File:CCfolder.png "wikilink")

example of the CalcCache folder in the Windows Explorer


The root folder contains the file: CacheInfo.dmsdata. This file contains meta information on the stored files, including time stamps used to find out if these files are still valid. Small data itemss and the cardinality of some units are also stored in this file.

The names of the subfolders in the root folder are based on the parent names of the tree item for which the calculation results are stored. Each cached file in a subfolder has a name according to the following convention:

tree item name_unique serial number.dmsdata.

For tiled data items a subfolder is made with the name convention: name_unique serial number. Within this subfolder each tile is stored as a separate file, with the name convention: unique_tilenumber.dmsdata.