Arc visualisation

Available visualisation-style subitems for arc data:

parameter<uint32> PenColor      := rgb(255,0,0), DialogType = "PenColor";
parameter<int16>  PenWidth      := 2s          , DialogType = "PenWidth";
parameter<meter>  PenWorldWidth := 5[meter]    , DialogType = "PenWorldWidth";
parameter<int16>  PenStyle      := 0s          , DialogType = "PenStyle";


  • PenColor: a data item with value-type uint32 and as expression a (set) of rgb values.
  • PenWidth: a data item with value type int16 and as expression a (set) of values indicating the width of the arc.
  • PenWorldWidth: a data item with the same values unit as the values unit of the unit for the coordinate system. The PenWorldWidth specifies a size in e.g. meters, which is dependent on the zoom level in the map view. With this property a zoom dependent width can be configured.
  • PenStyle: a data item with value type int16 and as expression values between 0 and 5, indicating the line style. The following examples show the different penstyles:

Style 5 does not show the arc at all (which can be useful in a classification scheme where some arcs need to be hidden).