discrete_alloc function, argument 7: AtomicRegionMap


AtomicRegionMap is the seventh argument of the discrete_alloc function.

AtomicRegionMap is an attribute that defines to which atomic region each land unit belongs.

The values-unit of this attribute must be the AtomicRegions unit, the domain-unit the LandUnitDomain unit.


If the overlay function is used to derive a AtomicRegions unit, the resulting UnionData subitem of this function can be used as a base for an AtomicRegionMap, see the example.

The lookup operator is needed to relate the UnionData subitem to the LandUnitDomain for which the actual allocation is performed.

applies to

attribute AtomicRegionMap with value types:


unit<uint8> lu_type: nrofrows = 3
   attribute<string> PartioningName: ['Living','Working','Nature'];
container regionSets
   attribute<regMaps/p1> Nature  (DomainGrid) := regMaps/p1Map;
   attribute<regMaps/p1> Living  (DomainGrid) := regMaps/p1Map;
   attribute<regMaps/p2> Working (DomainGrid) := regMaps/p2Map;

unit<uint16>             AtomicRegions             := overlay(lu_type/PartioningName, DomainGrid, regionSets);
attribute<AtomicRegions> AtomicRegionMap (ADomain) := AtomicRegions/UnionData[ADomain/nr_orgEntity];