discrete_alloc function, argument 6: AtomicRegions


AtomicRegions is the sixth argument of the discrete_alloc function.

AtomicRegions is a domain-unit defining the set of atomic regions.

It contains attributes for each partioningattribute that define to which region each atomic region belongs for that PartioningAttribute.


The overlay function is used to derive a AtomicRegions unit with the set of relevant subitems for the discrete_alloc function, see the example.

applies to

unit AtomicRegions with value types:

applies to

The names of the regions (subitems of the third argument of the overlay function need to match with the values of the partioningname argument.


unit<uint8> lu_type: nrofrows = 3
   attribute<string> PartioningName: ['Living','Working','Nature'];
container regionSets
   attribute<regMaps/p1> Nature  (DomainGrid) := regMaps/p1Map;
   attribute<regMaps/p1> Living  (DomainGrid) := regMaps/p1Map;
   attribute<regMaps/p2> Working (DomainGrid) := regMaps/p2Map;
unit<uint16> AtomicRegions := overlay(lu_type/PartioningName, DomainGrid, regionSets);