BAG relate attributes and make grids example

configuration-examples BAG relate attributes and make grids

This script uses a BAG snapshot, made with the BAG Toolkit and presents examples on

  • how to relate attributes between different BAG objects
  • how to make grid maps with potential calculations.

In the download you will find a configuration and an example BAG snapshot data set for the municipality of Nieuwegein. Disclaimer: This dataset is only to be used for example purposes.

Change the SnapshotBaseDir parameter (in the root file of the configuration) to refer to another (national) shapshot.


The example has two sections:

1) in the container: RelateerAttributen, you will find examples of how attributes are related to the vbo and pand domain units. The configuration contains:

  • simple examples, like how to relate the building years from panden to the vbo’s related to these panden
  • more complex examples like how to relate adres ranges to panden.

2) In the container: AttributenNaarGrid, you will find examples on how to visualise continous (vbo surfaces) or categorical data (building year classes) in grids of 250, 100 and 25 meter. It also includes focal statistics (potential) calculations) with kernels of 33, 55 and 25*25 cells.