Base unit

Base units are root units from which other units can be derived. In Physics usually SI units are used as base units. The GeoDMS is also used in other research areas, so also other base units can be configured, like monetary units (Euro, Dollar).

The following rules apply to the definition of base units:

  • If possible, use SI units as base units,
  • See naming-conventions for advised names.
  • Use other base units like monetary units, nrInhabitants, nrHouses etc. if it is relevant within your model to distinguish their quantities.

BaseUnits are configured with the baseunit function.


unit<float32> meter  := BaseUnit('meter','float64');
unit<float64> second := BaseUnit('seconde','float64');

In the examples two values units are configured as base units. The value type of the first unit is float32, of the second float64.

be aware

The evaluation of a base unit is executed when the meta/scheme information is generated in the geodms-gui. If for this evaluation (large) primary files are read, this becomes times consuming. Expanding tree items in the treeview becomes slow. Therefor we advice to use the contents of large primary data file (or complex calculations) as little as possible in configuring base units.