geometric-functions bg_buffer_point


  • bg_buffer_point(point_data_item, size, nr_angles)


bg_buffer_point(point_data_item, size, nr_angles) results in a polygon data-item with buffer circles around each point in the point_data_item. The resulting data item has the same domain-unit as the point_data_item.

The size argument indicates the buffer circle size.

The nr_angles argument indicates how many angles are used to make the buffer circles. More angles results in smoother circles but also in more data.

The bg_ prefix of the function name indicates that the implementation of operator uses boost geometry library, more specifically, the buffer function.

applies to

  • data-item point_data_item with a point value-type
  • data-item size with a float64 value type (until version 14.11.2 argument size could only be a parameter)
  • data-item nr_angles with a uint8 value type (until version 14.11.2 argument nr_angles could only be a parameter)

since version



attribute<fpoint> point_buffer_circles (poly, pointset) := bg_buffer_point(pointset/geometry, 10.0, 16b);

more examples of buffer functions can be found here: buffer-processing-example

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