logical-functions bitor


  • bitor(a,b)


bitor(a,b) results in the logical or of two boolean or integer data items a and b. In this bitwise comparison, a true or 1 value is returned if any argument has a true or 1 value at the bit position compared and a false or 0 value if not.

The values-unit of the resulting data item is the values unit of data item a.


bitor is a bitwise operation.

applies to

  • data items with bool, (u)int8, (u)int16, (u)int32 or (u)int64 value type


The domain-unit and values unit of arguments a and b must match.


attribute<uint8> bitorAB (ADomain) := bitor(A, B);
A B bitorAB
0 2 2
1 2 3
2 2 2
3 2 3
null 2 null

ADomain, nr of rows = 5

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