Convert OD long to wide format

configuration-examples Convert OD long to wide format

If you would create a full OD with a Dijkstra algorithm, you will get the result in a long data format. This is often not convenient when exporting to other applications. The following piece of code can be helpful in converting that output into a wide date format. The following code could be inserted in the Dijkstra unit:

attribute<string> impedance_min := string(round(impedance / 60f)); 
//Convert the impedance from seconds to minutes, round it off, and store it as a string value.

unit<uint32> Matrix_Array := org
    attribute<string> org_name           := org/name;
    attribute<string> impedance_min_list := AsList(impedance_min, ';', OrgZone_rel);

unit<uint32> Header : nrofrows = 1
    attribute<string> dest_name          := AsList(dest/name, ';', const(0[Header],dest));

unit<uint32> Matrix_met_header := union_unit(Header, Matrix_Array) 
//This unit can easily be exported to csv and used in other applications.
    attribute<string> org_name           := union_data(., const('',Header), Matrix_Array/org_name);
    attribute<string> values             := union_data(., Header/dest_name, Matrix_Array/impedance_min_list);