arithmetic-functions divide (/)


  • div(a, b)
  • a / b


div(a, b) or a / b results in the element-by-element division of the values of data-item a by the corresponding values of data item b. The resulting metric of the values-unit is the quotient of the metric of the arguments.


A division by zero results in an undefined (null) value.

applies to

Data items with Numeric or Point value-type

Units with Numeric value type


  1. Domain units of the arguments argument must match or be void (literals or parameters can be divided by data items of any domain).
  2. Arguments must have matching:


1. attribute<float32> divAB (ADomain) := div(A, B);
2. attribute<float32> divAB (ADomain) := A / B;
A B divAB
0 1 0
1 -1 -1
-2 2 -1
3.6 1.44 2.5
999 111 9

ADomain, nr of rows = 5