Event log improvements

under-study Event log improvements

The main function of the eventlog is to:

  • log user actions
  • inform the user on the progress of processes to calculate model results.
  • report on unexpected events that affect such processes.

The current implementation of the eventlog can be improved for this purpose.


Errors and warning now result in many logged messages.

It would be nice to present overview information on the whole process. After data is requested in a view, the eventlog can start with messages such as:

  • Start processing
  • Update meta information for xxx (throttle
  • Update primary data
  • messages
  • Finished processing (system back to idle)


To avoid wasting resources on overflowing a user with logging data, while still periodically reporting progress, a (per category) time since last report in combination with severity or skip-count may be used to decide (further) suppression of messaging, provided that:

  • time since action that ended idle-time is used to scale time since last report
  • (if an end goal is known) distance to end goal: idem
  • weight of the message


Event categories:

  • Reading item yyy from data source xxx
  • Writing item yyy to data sink xxx
  • Warnings
  • Progress of operations
  • HTTPS requests
  • Resource usage (requires a separate design, see link below).

Not: FailReasons, as they are accessible at the failed items or displayed in an Failure Dialog when they blocked a requested operation.


  1. Errors > minimalize redundant labels (e.g. logging ThrowingItemErrror > error)
  2. A new tab in Tools > Options > EventLog, in which you can enable or disable message categories, with as extra options:
    1. show data/time for all messages
    2. show thread number,
    3. error number Furthermore it would be nice to have a summary of the process between Start processing and Finished processing with duration and maximum RAM usage.
  3. Toggle option to sort by thread number, and show/hide duplicates.
  4. Using segments for progress information on time consuming operators (e.g.: processing segment 1 from 100)
  5. More operators showing progress information (e.g. for_each with large numbers of items)
  6. Empty Working Pages > more clear label like Empty RAM and deduplicating
  7. Reconsider current Component type, now: TListBox. Short term alternatives: TEdit or TWebBrowser, of owner drawn listbox; medium term alternative: QtWebView (QtWebKit) would enable hyperlinks, better text selection and ordering.
  8. Fix issue of not repainting EventLog after appending new messages.
  9. Copy-text function (1 line, all lines, some lines (requires a multi-select TListBox), selected text (requires an alternative component).
  10. Clear function (Alt 22)
  11. Markup functions: bold, links to items: requires new GUI framework or intensification of TWebBrowser.
  12. NOT: Resource usage: design which targets to trace, how to trace them and how to present a snapshot of linked resources in a separate lemma.
  13. Do not display errors that came from evaluating the calculation rule of items.
  14. Do not display errors that disable the calculation of an item due to item not found, value type or domain ncompatibility error etc.