Feature attribute

A feature attribute is a an attribute referring to a geographic location. It refers to one or a sequence of coordinates. The feature type for a country is usually the coordinates of the boundary, for a road the start/end location and one or more intermediates and for an address in the BAG the coordinate of the location.

The value-type of a feature attribute is a value type from the PointGroup.

Feature attributes are in use for vector-data, referring to point, arc or polygon geometries.

Although the concept feature attribute contains the word attribute, it can also be used for parameters.

For feature attributes it is advised to use the name: geometry. If another name is used, the feature attribute need to be configured for the vector domain-unit with the following syntax:

unit<uint32> house
: DialogType = "map"
, DialogData = "location"
   attribute<point_rd> location;

In this example the name location is used as feature attribute. As this is not the default name geometry, the configuration with the dialogtype and DialogData properties is necessary.

If the feature attribute is called (G)(g)eometry, the properties: DialogType and DialogData do not have to be configured (since version 7.206).

composition type

The distinction between point, arc or polygon data is made by configuring the composition type. The composition type options are:

  • not configured for point coordinates
  • arc for arc coordinates
  • poly(gon) for coordinates