ordering-functions greater than or equal to or right side has null values


  • ge_or_rhs_null(a, b)


ge_or_rhs_null(a, b) results in a boolean data-item indicating if the values of data item a are greater than or equals to the corresponding values of data item b or if the values of data item a are null.


The comparison with missing values in data item a results in the value True (except for null values in data item b).

applies to

Data items with Numeric, string or bool value-type


  1. Domain of the arguments must match or be void (literals or parameters can be compared to data items of any domain).
  2. Arguments must have matching:


attribute<bool> geAB (CDomain) := ge_or_rhs_null(A, B);
A B AgeB
0 0 True
1 2 False
2.5 2.5 True
-100 100 False
999 -999 True
null 0 False
null null False
0 null True
null 100 False
100 null True

CDomain, nr of rows = 10

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