miscellaneous-functions GeoDMSVersion

This function does not work since the new naming convention of GeoDMS 8 and higher. Instead use a combination of:

GeoDmsMajorVersionNumber(): UInt32
GeoDmsMinorVersionNumber(): UInt32
GeoDmsPatchNumber(): UInt32

parameter<string> GeoDMSVersion := 
   + '.' +  string(GeoDmsMinorVersionNumber()) 
   +'.'  +  string(GeoDmsPatchNumber());


  • GeoDMSVersion()


GeoDmsVersion() results in a float64 parameter with the GeoDMS version number.

Up until version 8.045 its value was defined as MajorVersion + 0.001 * MinorVersion.

Since November 2022 we use semantic versioning, following the format MajorVersion.MinorVersion.PatchNumber. The GeoDmsVersion() is now defined as MajorVersion + 0.01 * MinorVersion + 0.0001 * PatchNumber;

The first semantic version number is 8.5.0 in order to order well with earlier version numbers. In GeoDms v8.5.1, the result of the GeoDmsVersion() is (the Float64 representation of) 8.0501.

since version



parameter<float64> GeoDMSVersion := GeoDMSVersion();

result: GeoDMSVersion = 5.61

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