GUI Options dialog

user-guide-geodms-gui - GUI Options dialog


The GUI Options dialog can be activated from the Settings main menu option.

The following options can be set:


  • Folow OS layout: By default the TreeView presents tiny light grey lines, supporting the user in relating subitems to their parents items. Seldom in some configurations drawing these lines caused issues, in these case enable this option. The default style of the Operating System is now used for the TreeView.
  • Show hidden items: Tree Items can be configured to be hidden in the tree (by configuring the property: isHidden = “True”). If so configured, the option Show hidden items shows or hide these items in the treeview.
  • Show state colors: By activating this option, colors are used in the TreeView to indicate the status of a tree item. Colors can be selected for the three mentioned statuses.

Map View

  • Background color: The background color (by default white) for the map-view can be set here.
  • Default classification ramp colors: for default classifications in the Map View, a color ramp is used for which a start and end color can be set.
  • Minimum pixel size for drawing polygons: on a large scale, small polygons might become invisible. With this setting polygons that are drawn less than the configured pixel size at a certain scale are not drawn. Increasing this size makes drawing a polygon layer faster. The PenWidth/PenWorldWidth settings are not taken into account while deciding on whether or not to draw a polygon.

Table/Statistics View

  • Show thousand separator: A thousand separator in numbers can be set to make (large) numbers easier to read.