Impedance obsolete dijkstra directed

network-functions obsolete: dijkstra_directed

Starting from GeoDMS version 7.115, a new set of dijkstra functions replace the ones described below. 
The documentation of the old versions is still available for backward compatibility, 
the old functions will become obsolete in future versions.


  • dijkstra_directed(impedance: LinkSet->Measure, F1: LinkSet->NodeSet, F2: LinkSet->NodeSet, startNodes: startNode->NodeSet)


The dijkstra_directed function is a variant of the dijkstra obsolete: dijkstra. It is used to apply the Dijkstra algorithm in a directed graph. Impedances are calculated taken into account the direction of the links. The F1 argument defines the start index number for each link, the F2 argument the end index-numbers. To apply the dijkstra algorithm in an undirected graph, use the dijkstra obsolete: dijkstra.


Undirected links in a directed graph should be added twice to the linkset, in both directions.

The connect function to add new nodes to the network is at the moment not supported for directed graphs.

Previous users have partially surpassed this problem by first connecting to an undirected version of the graph before directing the graph for the dijkstra_directed function.