To structure a GeoDMS configuration, we advise to organise configuration files thematically.

Logical parts of the configuration units, classification schemes, geography are configured in separate configuration files.

With the Include statement a branch of the tree, stored in a separate configuration file is added to the configuration.

The hierarchical structure of the included files need to correspond with the subfolder structure on disk. A configuration file with units, included in the root level of a project configuration, needs to be located in the subfolder with the name of the root configuration file) (excluding the extension .dms).

Configuration files at lower levels in the configuration need to be located in subsubfolders.


Include statements are not configured as properties of tree items, but as separate statements.

Use the keyword include, preceded by a # character and the configuration file, name between the less than(<) and greater than(>) characters for each included file, see example.


container LandUseAllocationProject
   #include <Units.dms>
   #include <Classifications.dms>
   #include <SourceData.dms>
   #include <ScenarioComponents.dms>