discrete_alloc function, argument 2: LandUnitDomain


LandUnitDomain is the second argument of the discrete_alloc function.

LandUnitDomain is the domain-unit of the set of land units to be allocated, usually a grid domain.


The LandUnitDomain is often configured as a subset of a land use map grid domain (see the example).

The selection criteria specifies if a land unit will be allocated (free land cells) or not as it is e.g. not located in the study area or exogeneous land use like water.

If the number of free land cells is substantial less than the number of cells of the original land use grid domain, it is advised to configure the LandUnitDomain as a subset. This increases the performance of the discrete_alloc function.

applies to


The LandUnitDomain needs to match with the resulting attribute of the discrete_alloc function called landuse.

All SuitabilityMaps need to have the LandUnitDomain as domain unit.

The AtomicRegionMap need to have the LandUnitDomain as domain unit.


attribute<boolean> FreeLand (GridDomain) := InRegio;
unit<uint32>       ADomain               := Subset(FreeLand), label = "allocation domain";