Matrix covariance

matrix-functions matr(ix)_(co)var(iance)


  • matr_var(point_att, result_domain)


The matr_var(point_att, result_domain) function calculates the covariance matrix of the point_att, with as resulting domain: result_domain.

The value-type of the resulting attribute is the same as the value type of the point_att.

applies to

  • attribute point_att with float32 or float64 value type


  1. The value type of point_att and of the result attribute need to match.
  2. The domain-unit of the point_att attribute must be a Point value type of the group CanBeDomainUnit.
  3. The result_domain argument must be a unit of with a Point value type of the group CanBeDomainUnit and match with the result of the matrix covariance calculation in terms of number or rows/columns.

since version



attribute<float32> covariance (GridDomain) := matr_var(src, GridDomain);


1 2
3 4

GridDomain, nr of rows = 2, nr of cols = 2


10 14
14 200

GridDomain, nr of rows = 2, nr of cols = 2