discrete_alloc function, argument 9: MaxClaims


MaxClaims is the ninth argument of the discrete_alloc function.

This argument needs to refer to a container with as subitems attributes for each land use type.

These attributes define the maximal amount of land units that need to be allocated for the land use type per region.

The values-unit for these attributes is the number of land units. The domain units of these attributes are the domain units of the regions for which the claims are available.


The values unit of the each MaxClaim attribute with value-type: uint32


The names of the MaxClaims attributes need to match with the values of the TypeNames argument.


container region
   unit<uint8> p1: nrofrows = 1;
   unit<uint8> p2: nrofrows = 2;
container claim_source
   unit<float32>      Meter      := BaseUnit('m', float32);
   unit<float32>      Ha         := 10000.0 * Meter * Meter;
   parameter<float32> nrHaPerCel := 1[claim_sources/Ha];
   container p1
      attribute<Ha> Nature_min (region/p1): [12];
      attribute<Ha> Living_min (region/p1): [5];
   container p2
       attribute<Ha> Working_min (regionMaps/p2): [6,2];
container claims_max: Using = "claim_source"
    attribute<uint32> Living  (region/p1) := uint32(p1/Living_min  / nrHaPerCel);
    attribute<uint32> Working (region/p2) := uint32(p2/Working_min / nrHaPerCel);
    attribute<uint32> Nature  (region/p1) := uint32(p1/Nature_min  / nrHaPerCel);