geometric-functions mid


  • mid(polygon_data_item)


mid(polygon_data_item) results in a point data-item with the middle of the polygon_data_item argument.


The middle of a polygon is determined by selecting a horizontal scan-line that separates 50% of the area of that polygon above and below that scan-line, and on that scan-line, the 50% percentile of a set of evenly distributed points on that scan-line that are within that polygon.

If the scan line does not contain any points within the polygon (for example on a hourglass-shaped polygon with an zero-sided waist), other scan-lines are tried until a point is found for which point_in_polygon would result in true.

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For more info on SelectRow and GetScanPoint, see:

  • https://github.com/ObjectVision/GeoDMS/blob/v13/rtc/dll/src/geo/SelectPoint.h
  • https://github.com/ObjectVision/GeoDMS/blob/v13/rtc/dll/src/geo/CalcWidth.h