MsAccess Database


container DataBase
:  StorageName  = "%projDir%/data/DB.mdb"
,  SyncMode     = "None"
   unit<uint32> Table: SqlString = "SELECT * FROM TestTable ORDER BY ID"
      attribute<int32>   IntegerAtt;
      attribute<float32> FloatAtt;
      attribute<bool>    BoolAtt;
      attribute<string>  StringAtt;

With the storagename property the database name is configured for the DataBase container. The GeoDMS recognises the .mdb extension as an MsAccess database and uses the ODBC StorageManager to read the data.

In the DataBase container, domain units are configured for each relevant table and or view/query in the database. The number of elements of these units is derived from the number of records in the data source.