MsExcel Range


unit<uint32> Range
:   StorageName = "DRIVER={Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls)};DBQ=%projDir%/data/Sheet.xls"
,   StorageType = "ODBC"
,   SqlString   = "SELECT * FROM ImportSection ORDER BY ID"
,   SyncMode    = "All"
      attribute<int32>   IntegerAtt;
      attribute<float32> FloatAtt;
      attribute<bool>    BoolAtt;
      attribute<string>  StringAtt;

Data can be read from a named range of a Sheet in an Ms Excel file. See the MsExcel help for how to name a range. The name of the range is used in the FROM statement in the sqlstring property (ImportSection in the example). For MsExcel sheets, the storagename is directly configured to the domain-unit for the imported range.

The configuration of the DRIVER in the StorageName property and storagetype = “ODBC” is needed for the GeoDMS to recognise the file as an MsExcel ODBC source.

The configured attribute read the columns from the named range.