Older GeoDMS versions

Versions of 2019

2019-12-04: GeoDms Version 7.206 for x64

This version fixes some issues related to CalcCache resource usage and various other improvements.

Select GeoDmsGui->Tools->Options->Current Configuration->Minimum size for DataItem specific swapfiles in CalcCache and change the value from 1000000 to 1000000000 to improve calculation speed for the price of increased probability of memory overflow related issues. This is recommended for Windows 10 where memory overflow issues seem to be delt with well, and not recommended for Windows 2008 server.


  • issue 1238: domain units with a sub-item named geometry now are automatically Mapviewable.
  • issue 1301: solved memory error with some large data sets.
  • issue 1305: TableView index error fixed
  • issue 1307: No more Cannot obtain a Read Lock because there is 1 Write Lock on this data
  • issue 1314: Fixed appcrash
  • issue 1316: Minimum size for DataItem specific swapfiles is now stored in the registry per user, per machine.
  • issue 1318: Dijkstra now warns when givens Mass and MaxImpedance attributes contain NULL values.

2019-11-01: GeoDms Version 7.203 for x64


  • Startup issue on Windows Server 2008

2019-10-21: GeoDms Version 7.202 for x64


  • issue 1280 Stack overflow exceptions now result in an error message; Stack size has increased for GeoDmsRun.exe
  • issue 1290 Various other issues related to the display of diagnostic messages.
  • issue 1205 12561294 Display of the Thousand separator is now settable per user and per machine in Tools->Options. Default is off.

Known issue: On Windows Server 2008 R2, the GeoDMS software might block during dll-initialisation due to concurrency runtime limitations. This issue does not occur on Windows 10. For users with Windows Server 2008 R2, install and use GeoDMS 7.203.

2019-10-09: GeoDms Version 7.201 for x64


  • issue 1258 Dijkstra on empty nodeset/linkset
  • issue 1279 Vesta crashed on Municipal selection, caused by dijkstra on a nodeset without links.
  • issue 1289 Fixed GUI action Update subtree, introduced by 7.200, relative to 7.182.

2019-10-04: GeoDms Version 7.200 for x64

Fixes various issues introduced since 7.182, such as issues 941, 1184.


  • Yellow items, i.e. not actually copying and retaining cache items as endogenous config items by keeping a temporary user perspective.
  • Separate production of signature objects reflecting cache results with formal domain and values units based on processing formal arguments and actual data result objects.

Reversion of these changes implies that some cache entries are still identified by expressions containing treeitem names and that for some operators, some formal arguments cannot be substituted by their related calculation rules.

2019-04-11: GeoDms Version 7.198 (withdrawn, use 7.203 instead)

In this version, the GUI has been stream-lined. Many icons have been replaced, the toolbar now contains 32x32 pixel icons similar to the qGis-look, GUI operations to change a model configuration have been removed (such as the Insert operations) as the use case of building a model configuration interactively never flew since the syntax of the configuration files in much more clear to work with.

Implements issues:

  • 1202: A separate GeoDmsCaller.exe is now provided to send GUI control messages to an existing instance of GeoDmsGui.exe
  • 1205: Thousand separators have now been implemented in the representation of quantities in TableView, LispExpr string representation, statistics, etc., but not in Export to Clipboard as .csv.
  • 1206: WM(T)S support now also supports background layers that are made of .jpg files.
  • 1207: The SourceDescr tab can now be used to see which storages have been used for a certain result or container.
  • 1212: new qGis-style icons.
  • 1217: display of palette icon in tree-view for different color aspect attributes.

Fixes issues:

2019-02-20: GeoDms Version 7.196 (withdrawn, use 7.203 instead)

This release optimizes the use of memory, especially of models that calculate attributes of the same entities sequentially, such as in a loop with time steps. For this, large freed memory blocks are retained and reissued when demanded to avoid the system to wait on synchronized OS memory recollection.

  • The .tmp part of the CalcCache is no longer in use, instead all non-persistent intermediary results are stored in the (system page file backed) heap. EmptyWorkingSet is called when in stress.
  • Full Names are no longer stored per item and only composed when requested. This greatly reduces the stress on the internal Tokenizer.
  • Internal representation of Undefined SharedStr and StringRef made more consistent.

Fixed issues related to these changes:

Other Fixed issue:

2019-01-06: GeoDms Version 7.185 (withdrawn, use 7.200 instead)

GeoDMS 7.185 mainly contains fixes of reported issues and has a mechanism (in debug mode) to detect potential dead-locks by checking a hierarchy of the critical sections. This has resulted in the removal of many potential dead-locks.

New functionality:

Possible breaking change:

  • issue http://www.mantis.objectvision.nl/view.php?id=1141 1141: Now two domains are considered different if they refer to different items, even if their calculation rule is the same. For example: unit landuse_class: nrofrow=5; unit building_type: nrofrows=5; are now domain-incompatible. Thus, the entity compatibility check is now more strict. Tested projects (and adapted when necessary): Fusion, Vesta, RSL.


Progress on issue 823: gdal2.vect and gdal2.grid have now been implemented.

Versions of 2018

2018-10-15: GeoDms Version 7.182 for x64



2018-08-29: GeoDms Version 7.180 for x64 and Win32

This version has been compiled with:

  • Visual Studio 2017, version 14.1 (which replaced Visual Studio 2015, v 12.0).
  • Boost 1.67 (was: 1.66)
  • GDAL 2.3.1 (additional to 1.9.1)

Many compiler warnings have been dealt with and syntax improvement opportunities have been implemented.

Fixed issues:

  • 1014 (VS 2017)
  • 1074: Centroid_or_mid took too long.
  • 208: popup menu doesn’t activate all items at first request.


  • issue 1089: more informative about box.

Progress on issues:

  • 823: GDAL 2.3.1 can now be used for reading; use gdal2.vect or gdal2.grid as StorageType.
  • 1092: Added ‘Instantiated From’ reference in the General Detail page, and calculation rules (expression properties) now have

2018-07-18: GeoDms Version 7.177 for x64


  • issue 811: unconnected pairs in an OD matrix now have Undefined Impedance. Breaking Change: Check the usage of dense OD impedance matrices calculated with dijkstra_m function as unconnected pairs now have impedance and no longer maxDist.
  • issue 1025: Get and set statusflags from command line


  • issue 988: color for NoData always transparent in FeatureLayer and GridLayer.
  • issue 1038: no error msg “No such host is known” when drawing background layer without internet connection

Supplemental changes related to

  • issue 644: Visualisation styles shown in legend

2018-07-04: GeoDms Version 7.176 for x64 and Win32

Breaking change:

For documenting projects with many inheritance relations, such as Vesta, the status quo was no longer sustainable. Now the combination of inheritance and overriding is stopped. An overriding item without calculation rule no longer inherits the sub-items of the overridden item. Check if your config will be affected before updating to this version.


This version also contains a few fixes and improvements of recent functionality, more specifically:

  • issues related to the new Table Group By Tool (790): 1060, 1061, 1062.
  • issue related to the current item bar: 1065: Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V now work.
  • issue 1063: connect operator.
  • issue 1067: mean operator.
  • issue 909: shp/dbf export now has the same set of attributes as a .csv export.
  • issue 985: zoom level of the overview panel in the MapView.
  • issue 1001 and related 644: different feature layers without thematic attribute now get different colors.

2018-06-25: GeoDms Version 7.175 (withdrawn)

This version is published to present new functionality in the TableView for the purpose of testing and evaluation. It doesn’t contain fixed issues.


  • Issue 790: Group by Tool in the TableView for grouping rows on the values of one or more columns.

As this version introduced new issues that have been fixed in GeoDMS 7.176, the GeoDMS 7.175 is withdrawn from this publication page.

2018-06-11: GeoDms Version 7.174 for x64


  • Desktop issue 1053,
  • PP2 1040.
  • Diagnostic messages.

2018-06-05: GeoDms Version 7.173 for x64

Fixes many minor issues related to recent additions:

2018-05-23: GeoDms Version 7.172 for x64


  • issue 820 An editable item path can be used to jump to other items (use F5 or mouse-click to search).
  • issue 809 now config files with UTF8 Byte Order Mark can be procesed.


  • issue 1007 const_file_view Error when changing reference of unit LatLong
  • issue 1027 Error Dialog appeared for non-related items when requesting data.
  • issue 1030 LUS Demo: issue with PP2 enabled
  • issue 1035 ViewDetails unknonw exception.

2018-04-30: GeoDms Version 7.170 for x64


  • issue 1032 with writing dijkstra_m results.

2018-04-24: GeoDms Version 7.169 for x64, withdrawn because of issue 1032.

Performance improvement:

  • 1021: Dijkstra_functions now run different origin zones in parallel when multiple CPU’s are present. With 8 CPU’s this maked the production of an OD table approximately 6 times faster.

2018-04-19: GeoDms Version 7.168 for x64

New feature:

  • Dijkstra_m can now produce OrgZone_MaxImp as startpoint attribute, see issue 1021 for an example.

Fixed issues:

  • 1022: When copying to Clipboard from the TableView, now wide characters are used that can better represent UTF8 characters than the earlier usage of ASCII when writing to the Clipboard,
  • 1024: GeoDMS starts again on Windows 7.
  • 592: event log info of dijkstra operations is immediately visible again (with MT2 on).

2018-04-13: GeoDms Version 7.167 for x64

Warning: This version requires Windows 10, see issue 1024. Please replace by 7.168 if you install on an older version of Windows.

Fixes issue 1018: background drawing wasn’t clipped, causing frames and some text controls to disappear, introduced by GeoDMS Version 7.166; please update any 7.166 to 7.168.

And fixes diagnostic (=error message related) issues:

2018-03-28: GeoDms Version 7.166 (withdrawn)

Fixes issues:

  • WMS related: 996, 997, 998, 1003, 1010, 1011,
  • 588: split_polygon
  • 994: PolyData sneller in TableView
  • 995: TableCoposer operatoren AsString en AsList werken nu ook voor tabellen van meer dan 4 GB.
  • 999: some extra debug info with ViewDetails might help to diagnose this issue.

2018-03-07: GeoDms Version 7.165 for x64

Fixed issues:

  • 990: faster lookup and corrected permutation_rnd in case of PP1
  • 899: redraw layers when activated.

2018-03-05: GeoDms Version 7.163 for x64

Implemented issues:

  • 236, 312: background layers are only read when the current zoom-factor don’t rule them out.
  • 918: wms as background layer.

Fixed issues:

  • 983,
  • 984,
  • 986,
  • 987

upgrade from boost 1.60.0 to 1.66.0

2018-02-13: GeoDms Version 7.162 for x64

Fixed issues:

  • 427,
  • 793: now values are displayed in ExplainValue of aggregation in the Detail Pages,
  • 961,
  • 968,
  • 969,
  • 971

Implemented issues:

  • 199,
  • 743,
  • 931 Settings are now stored in user and machine specific profiles, even when the LAN provides users with roaming profiles.


  • operator do(exec_operation, resulting_filename): see issue 971
  • operators min_index(values, partitioning(optional)) and max_index(values, partitioning(optional)): see issue 743.

Versions of 2017

2017-12-21: GeoDms Version 7.159 for x64


  • operator mapping_count(srcDomain, dstDomain, CountType)

2017-12-13: GeoDms Version 7.157 for x64


  • issue 953 (which was fixed incorrectly in GeoDMS 7.156)

2017-11-30: GeoDms Version 7.155 for x64

Poly2grid has been made even faster by using for each row a vector based linked list of edges that start in that row, which prevents sorting the edges. Now poly2grid is O(n+p+r*log(k)) where n = the number of edges, p = the number of pixels to be painted, r - the number of rows, and k = the maximum number of edges crossing one row.


  • issue 915
  • issue 928
  • issue 934

2017-11-23: GeoDms Version 7.152 for x64


  • issue 926 (poly2grid artifacts)
  • issue 5
  • issue 829
  • issue 885
  • issue 911
  • issue 918
  • issue 919
  • issue 928

Poly2grid has been implemented much faster by sorting and processing edges from low to high rows.

2017-10-13: GeoDms Version 7.148 for x64


  • poly2grid drawing on too many pixes in case of a horizontal border (issues 908 and 916).


  • Properties DomainUnit_FullName en ValuesUnit_FullName (issue 829).
  • Button for TableView export (issue 561)

2017-08-28: GeoDms Version 7.145 for x64


  • issues 885, 896, 898, 904, 905, 906

2017-06-13: GeoDms Version 7.141 for x64

  • GeoDMS 7.140 introduced an issue for older versions of Windows, such as Server 2008 R2 Datacenter: critical section locking during initialization when loading DLL’s caused a deadlock. This is now avoided by registering operators without locking the operator registry during initialization.

The 7.140 version had been developed with a focus on bug fixing and getting things more stable. The regression tests have been expanded to include GUI actions in order to keep more functionality working as it worked in previous versions.

Functional and/or Breaking changes:

Now Implemented:

  • 000821 Export Primary Data to.. now uses the full path for a default filename.
  • 000859 Allow longer item names, read from GDAL sources, such as fgdb.


  • 000894 reading boolean data with GDAL.
  • 000890 GDAL issue with reading 16 bits data as 32 bits values
  • 000887 Edit Palette Dialog issues
  • 000884 Multi Select issues in point- and polygon layers.
  • 000874 & 000893
  • 000872
  • 000871 Lock already taken issue.
  • 000859
  • 000539 order of items in Explain value is now determined by the order of appearance in the calculation rule.

Regression test now includes the following GUI actions: Show MapView, Edit Palette and Reclassify.

2017-02-21: GeoDms Version 7.139 for x64


  • 000539
  • 000855
  • 000859
  • 000860
  • 000865

2017-02-08: GeoDms Version 7.138 for x64


  • 000852
  • 000853
  • 000854
  • 000807

2017-01-09: GeoDms Version 7.137 for x64

Main improvement of this release is that all read data action and most calculations are now done in worker threads, which keeps the main thread responsive for GUI actions. Specific handling enables the user to change data or close views, which will invalidate running tasks. Adding a thematic attribute without pre-configured classification to a MapView now no longer waits for the completion of the data processing for the Jenks Fisher classifications.

New functionality:

  • 000842: Implemented a new property with the name ‘FullSource’


  • 000626: AddLayer cmd no longer freezes on making data available for generating a classification scheme.
  • 000847: read/write lock error.
  • 000788: case parameter references
  • 000837: Reading tiff with GDAL.grid and the original TIFF reader now both fully support reading area’s with different scales and extents (sub-sections as well as enclosing extents, for which the border area is set as undefined or false). GDAL.grid now also supports reading attributes with values of type Bool, UInt2, or UInt4.
  • 0000802: [Export] Export data to .csv / Table Copy to Clipboard took extremely long - resolved.
  • 0000813: [TableView] DataReadLock issue in EditPalette - resolved.
  • 0000539: [Explain Value] Faster retrieval of aggregant values when explaining an aggregation.
  • 0000738: [Calculations] connect and connect_info using additional attribute information - resolved.
  • 0000385: [Views] Activate existing layers/columns in MapView and TableView when related items are activated again - implemented.
  • 0000005: [Export] Export Scalebar with correct symbol and text size. - resolved.
  • 0000801: [TableView] Copy to Clipboard (man on the beach) fails with selected data - resolved.
  • 0000791: [Calculations] Memory Allocation Failed in template instantiation - resolved.
  • 0000609: [CalcCache] connect_neighbour results in invalid outcome for tiled data - resolved.
  • 0000788: [Calculations] reference for a case parameter differs between first and following instantiations - resolved.
  • 0000783: [Calculations] substr results in GeoDmsGui has stopped working > crash - resolved.
  • 0000580: [Desktop] DetailPage Value Info geeft alleen relevante informatie bij activering uit tabel/kaart of back/forward knop - partially fixed.

Versions of 2016

2016-04-11: GeoDms Version 7.130 for x64 and Win32

Addresses issues:

  • Fixes a bug in ordering items (sort, rlookup, rjoin, etc.) that was introduced in 7.126 in the fix of issue 739.
  • 753
  • 754
  • 755

There are currently known issues with PP2, so I recommend to set

  • Tools->Options->General settings->Parallel Processing 1 = ON (parallel tile processing)
  • Tools->Options->General settings->Parallel Processing 2 = OFF (multiple calculation steps simultaneously)