pbf (OSM)

The pbf format is used for OSM data. The GeoDMS supports reading pbf data.

See open options for a full list of all open gdal-options for .pbf data.


Since GeoDMS version 7408, gdal.vect can be used to read geopackages.


container osm
:  StorageName     = "%projdir%/data/flevoland-latest.osm.pbf"
,  StorageType     = "gdal.vect"
,  StorageReadOnly = "True"
,  SyncMode        = "AllTables"

This configures a .pbf file. The SyncMode property indicates all tables are read from the .pbf file. All tables become domain units and parent items for all attributes. These attributes can be configured explicitly or are read with a default value type.


The following example shows how to configure an open option to allow for in memory filesize of 500MB instead of the default 100MB, following the OSM driver.

unit<uint32> optionSet := range(uint32, 0, 1);
attribute<string> GDAL_Options (optionSet) : ['MAX_TMPFILE_SIZE=500'];