Projection information is a set of parameters, defining the relation between a local grid and a geographical coordinate system.

For multiple grid file formats the projection information is read from the grid files or accompanying world files (a GeoTiff file for example often has this information stored in a .tfw file in the same folder).

The projection information can also be explicitly configured in the GeoDMS configuration, see: geographic-grid-domain.

The projection is presented in the geodms-gui > Detail Pages > General > Projection for the geographic domain unit and all attributes with this domain-unit.


Projection information consists of the following set of parameters:

  • pixel size in the x-direction in map units, often positive
  • pixel size in the y-direction in map units, often negative
  • x-coordinate of the center of the upper left pixel
  • y-coordinate of the center of the upper left pixel

A world file can also contains rotation information, this is at the moment not (yet) used in the GeoDMS.