selection-functions select_data

OBSOLETE: replaced by collect_by_cond



The select_data(domain unit, condition, attribute) function relate the attribute argument to the domain unit argument based on the condition argument.

The select_data is mostly used together with the select_with_attr_by_cond function.

applies to

  • unit domain unit with value-type uint32
  • condition must be a boolean attribute or subexpression resulting in boolean values.
  • attribute: an attribute that must have a matching value type and metric with the resulting attribute.

since version

7.305 until 15.0.0


unit<uint32> ZHCities := select_with_attr_by_cond(City, City/RegionCode == 200)
   attribute<string> name := 
      select_data(., City/RegionCode == 200, CityLabels/Name);
City/RegionCode CityLabels/Name
100 Amsterdam
200 Rotterdam
300 Utrecht
200 Den Haag
400 Eindhoven
null Haarlem
400 Tilburg

domain City, nr of rows = 7

Den Haag

domain ZHCities, nr of rows = 2

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