Setup GeoDMS language file in Notepad

GeoDMS language file

The GeoDMS language file is called: GeoDMS_npp_def.xml.

It can be found in the same folder where your GeoDMS version is installed (default: %ProgramFiles%/ObjectVision/GeoDmsversion).

import GeoDMS language file

1) Open Notepad++

2) Go to Language > User defined Language > Define your language.

3) Click import and select the .xml-file that you just downloaded, “Import successful.”.

4) Restart Notepad++, this makes sure the language file is accessible.

5) Renavigate to the Language dropdown menu and select GeoDMS at the bottom. If you now open a .dms file you should see the syntax highlighted appropriately.

Note: for non-white background Notepad++ themes the C++ language definition is operable.