A StorageManager is part of the GeoDMS software used to read or write data from and to files or databases.

If a StorageManager is configured, data is

Requesting data in a view triggers the GeoDMS to update items, as well as the submenu items Update Treeitem and Update Subtree in the geodms-gui.

Since 6.045 (read) and 7.408 (write) we use the gdal library to read data from and write data to multiple formats, additional to the GeoDMS StorageManagers that are also still useful in specific cases.


The following example show the configuration of the dbf StorageManager for reading data form a region.dbf file.

unit<uint32> Table
:   StorageName     = "%SourceDataDir%/CBS/region.dbf"
,   StorageType     = "dbf"
,   Source          = "dbf example source"
,   StorageReadOnly = "True"
,   SyncMode        = "None"
,   SqlString       = "SELECT * FROM TestTable ORDER BY ID"
     attribute<int32> att;
     attribute<int32> att2 := att * att, DisableStorage = "True";          `


A StorageManager is configured by setting properties to a data item or it’s parent-item.