own font

Windows fonts can be used to visualize point layers with symbols in a MapView.

If no font is configured, the GeoDMS own font is used. This font is part of the GeoDMS installation.

The font contains the following characters:

Use the SymbolIndex parameter to configure a character from this set, see the example:

example character in font

parameter<int16> SymbolIndex := 35s, DialogType = "SymbolIndex"; // results in character 35, a house symbol.

other fonts

Other fonts can be used as well. They need to be configured with the SymbolFont parameter, see exanple:

parameter<string> SymbolFont := 'Tahoma'   , DialogType = "SymbolFont";
parameter<string> SymbolFont := 'Wingdings', DialogType = "SymbolFont";

Use e.g. MsWord > Insert > Symbols to find the SymbolIndex for a specific character in the installed font.

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