conversion-functions value


  • value(a, values unit)
  • a[values unit]


The value(a, values unit) function configures or converts the values unit of data item or literal a.


The value function is a synonym for the convert function.

The value function is usually used to define values units for new data items, the convert function to convert data items to other values units.

Since GeoDMS version 7.015 the value function can be used for coordinate-conversions to convert the values of related geographic domains, for example to make a relational attribute from a vector to a grid domain.

applies to

  • data item with Numeric, Point, uint2, uint4 or bool value-type


  1. The value function is not (yet) implemented to cast integer values units to strings (use the string function instead).
  2. The number of dimensions of the resulting value type should match with the source value type (e.g. a one-dimensional data item can not be converted with the value function to a two-dimensional data type).

since version

  • 5.15
  • syntax: a[values unit]: since 5.97


1. parameter<euro> amount := value(7, euro);
2. parameter<euro> amount := 7[euro];

With these expressions, the GeoDMS becomes aware that the values of these data items are expressed in euros (with the value type and metric as configured for the euro values unit).

The data item can now be e.g. be summed with other data items expressed in euros, but not with other data items expressed e.g. in dollars or kg.

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