user-guide-geodms-gui - value info

tracing the calculation path

The value info dialog presents the trace on how individual cells in a table-view or elements in a map-view are calculated.

The example shows the value info dialog for a cell in the table, presenting parameter c with as value: 12. This value is calculated by multiplying two other parameters, A with a value of 3 and B with a value of 4. The value info dialog presents these parameters and their values. For attributes it would also present the relevant values needed to calculate the requested value.

If for instance the value 4 of parameter B is also the result of a calculation, click on the value 4 to get the value info for this value. Step by step, you can trace the whole calculation path, until the final sources (data read from source files) are reached. Backward and Forward buttons are available, to assist the user in tracing backward and forward in the calculation path.