Vesta Model

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Vesta is a spatially explicit model that matches future projected demand for energy in the built environment to options for local & zonal energy supply.

The primary focus for building this model was to assess impacts of different policies for local and regional energy production on non-renewable resource consumption, wealth (re)distribution, CO2 emission, compliance and public finance at the national level.

The demand for energy is modelled geographically specific for: residential objects, business locations and greenhouses. Changes in the built environment are taken into account by using the results of the Land Use Scanner.

Not included are: industrial usage and roofless agriculture.


Vesta uses only open data.The BAG (Basisregister Adressen en Gebouwen) is used to calculate the energy usage for each residential and business building.


Different versions of the model can be downloaded from the VestaDV github:


The model is used for the: Startanalyse van de Leidraad, to calculate at the neighbourhood level the results of alternative strategies.