Arc Info Binary Grid

Arc Info Binary Grid Files can be read with gdal.grid.


unit<wpoint> aig
: StorageName = "%sourcedatadir%/aigrid_test"
, StorageType = "gdal.grid"
, DialogData  = "Geography/WorldBaseUnit"
   unit<wpoint> World1kmGrid := TiledUnit(
         point(uint16(1024), uint16(1024), aig)
   attribute<uint8> ReadData (World1kmGrid);

The StorageName property refers to the folder with the grid data. The projection information is also read from this folder.

The dialogdata property needs to refer to the base unit for the coordinate system to inform the GeoDMS on how to relate the projection information from the grid file to the coordinate system of the configuration, in this case WorldBaseUnit.

The configured World1kmGrid is a tiledunit. This unit is used to read the data from the binary grid file in tiles of 1024 * 1024 grid cells.