ASCII grid


From GeoDMS 15.0.0 the ASCII grid file format is no longer supported.

We advise to convert your ASCII files to geotiff files

for versions before 15.0.0

With the ASCII grid storage manager the GeoDMS can read data from and write data to the ASCII grid format. Especially for larger grids it is not an advised format as reading and writing ASCII data is slow (we advice to use the geotiff format).


The number of rows and columns, the projection information and the no data value of an ASCII grid can be read from the header of the file.

Example, projection information derived from header:

unit<uint32> GridDomain: StorageName = "%projdir%/data/testgrid.asc"
   attribute<uint32> GridData;

The subitem GridData is the attribute with the data from the ASCII grid file.

The grid-domain can also be explicitly configured. Configuration with an explicitly configured GridDomain, the configuration of the ASCII grid file would be:

attribute<uint32> GridData (GridDomain): StorageName = "%projdir%/data/testgrid.asc";